Jul 31, 2007

The Ankle Lock and Knee Bar, in both Offense and Defense.

Kicks are pretty easy to defend against, but if you're up against a kicking-dominant striker, you want to finish the fight early, because just out of probability, one of those kicks might get lucky and past your defense, catching you in the jaw and knocking you out cold.
So, today, instead of telling you how to perform a leg check against a kicker, here's how to use two different types of leg locks to your advantage:

The Ankle Lock (aka the Achillies/Shin Lock) and the Knee Bar.

The Ankle Lock operates two different ways- you can Fig4 the ankle and put an immense amount of pressure on his shin, or you can crank his ankle until it's unbearable.

The Knee Bar is slightly different, because like the armbar, you're taking a joint and bending it the way it doesn't want to go, in this case, the knee.

The difference in attack between both is the fact that the ankle lock requires an over-grip on the leg, and the knee bar requres an under-grip.

In this video, here's how you would use the first type of ankle lock properly in an offensive manuever against another stand-up fighter- kick inside lead, parry/duck his counter, single leg to ankle lock. Very properly done here:

In this video, both ankle lock varients and two kneebars are shown. Also very well made.

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