Jul 28, 2007

Asia the Invincible's Martial Art Instructional Video + "Aikido Brain Control Master" Gets His Ass Whupped.

If you guys haven't already, go visit www.Bullshido.net
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Asia the Invincible of Bullshido.net Explains And Demonstrates How Effective Certain Forms Of Martial Arts Are.



Now, in this video, an "Aikido Master" who claims both mind control powers and a 200-0 record, gives an open $5000 challenge to any fighter, and a BJJ/Karate Crosstrained fighter takes him on.

So, without further ado:

Bullshidoka Aikido Dumbass getting his head caved in (with pre-fight footage):

I have reading to do today, so no long article. Sorry, folks.
Also, big news: http://www.punchkickchoke.com is now registered! Granted, it comes to this blogspot page, but it's much easier to type out.
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