Jul 8, 2007

BJ Penn's awesome website and book


BJ Penn's website: this is definitely video resource gold-- 90+ technique videos, all very well made and explained. Another favorite-worthy link I've found. Best part? Free streaming video- no need to buy a membership or anything.

Considering that BJ Penn is one of the few BJJ black belts in the world... is there any little morsel for the strikers here, you ask?

Striking 101

BJJ 101 (in BJ's terms: "advanced basics")

Now, in a shameless plug for me to justify having those amazon ads on the side of the page:

Here is a picture of my new copy of his MMA book... I bought it at a Borders for 30 dollars... with a coupon. (Retail: $34 w/o tax)

However, it was 30 dollars well spent-- the book doesn't just cover just about every aspect of MMA fighting, it narrates it perfectly. BJ's full personal thoughts on a particular technique whether it's on the setup or the execution, are all on the pages, something most books half the quality and all the price usually fail to deliever on: Explaining "Why is that guy doing it this way?". All in all, it turns out to be 300 pages of greatness.

So, it was a great buy for me, but you can get it for cheaper through the amazon links on the side of the page, not to mention the fact that I'll get a small % revenue from the sale. Save yourself 10 potential dollars and buy the book off my referral link, please! If you don't like me, just go buy it at Borders or Barnes and Noble or something. The book is that good, regardless of skill level.

ps: I hope the new readers to this blog find it worthy of a daily read,


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