Jul 30, 2007

Defending Against the GNP (Ground and Pound) - MMA

So, I wrote about getting out of the mount not too long ago, but today, this video shows you how to defend against another big danger if you're ever on your back from a takedown:
The Ground and Pound from the Guard. Although you're a million times more f'd if you're getting GNP'd while in the mount, the GNP is still a huge danger to be watching out for while you're in the guard.

Notice of the first two things he talks about- Tie your opponent to you by over or underhooking one of his arms, and controlling the arms, preferrably from the inside.
Just doing those two things, it'll cover a significant portion of GNP defense. Another biggie, is the position (after fight clip) shown that's similar to what BJ Penn refers to as a "Damn Good Guard," where you defend from the overhead by controlling the punching side with the knee, and putting that foot on his hip, while shrimping slightly to the opposite site. That postion lends itself well to getting into the offensive. Of course, you're going to be pretty screwed against someone who knows what he's doing, but that's why you're looking at my site and others like it, right? To learn WTF to do.
I'll get on taking the offensive from the guard soon. In the meantime, watch the video.


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