Jul 23, 2007


The thing that most strikers fear the most is currently the mount position.
Why? Aside from the mounted individual being extremely homophobic (kidding), the mount provides the optimal position for anyone in the offensive while on the ground. It's a great place to rain blows straight down into your face, and if you try to defend that with your arms, that's the best time to just grab that arm and perform a armbar. With defensive options extremely limited, unlike the guard, being in the mount should make your "Oh Crap" sense go off the meter. Never fear, here are a few videos to calm your frightened soul. (Actually, you should probably fear- if you're taking all of your MA training from online videos without proper practice, you're going to get owned regardless)

The most basic mount escape, and the one you should practice the most: Shrimping:

A very good beginner's MMA mount reversal.

Here's actually a decent escape without very good explanation; it's kind of hard to tell, but keep looking at the full-speed portion, and see how the mounted guy hooks his ankle out, bridges, and gets into the guard.


Just because people like to see women grapple... (actually, as stupid as it sounds/is executed, it's a powerful escape for anyone who wants to stand up as soon as possible.)

After all that explanation earlier, you still don't believe me?
Here's the funniest video ever of someone getting pwnt by the ground and pound:
(It's near the end, but you should watch the whole thing regardless. If you see anyone with the handle "JFS" in a MA forum, please go ahead and flame the living crap out of him. He's the fat white guy with the cigarette that looks like Mr. Clean.)
[Courtesy of Bullshido; major kudos to Kat and Osrisis]

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