Jul 3, 2007

I am the freaking king of the wet marinade

Need some protein to build muscle after that hard lifting session?

Those are two ribeye steaks marinated for 3 hours, ready to go.

ysc87's personal recipe:
(For medium rare [you don't want to eat a good cut like ribeye any higher than medium])

You need:
rib eye steaks (1-4) (1"-1.25" thick)
dried parsley, oregano, thyme, basil
worchestershire sauce
virgin olive oil
maple syrup
soy sauce
red wine
beef stock

cast iron pan
oven pre-heated to 500 degrees

Prepping the steak 2-3 hours before
*Take chopstick/toothpick, poke a dozen evenly spaced small holes into the meat
[Some might ask if this would make the steak lose its natural juices: No, it won't, because in this recipe, you sear the meat immediately, essentially blocking the holes you created]
*Salt, pepper throughly (2 pinches per side)
*Rub a lot of dried parsley, oregano, thyme, basil, pinch of paprika, into meat until most of both sides are covered in herbs.
*Place in large dish, pour worchestershire sauce all over steaks

Leave in fridge for hour

Prep the wet marinade:
*Mix fresh minced garlic,soy sauce, worchestershire, olive oil, together in (1/2):(1):(1):(1) ratio
*Tblspoon honey, 1/2 tblspoon tabasco

Pour all over steaks

Preheat oven to 500

Take cast iron pan, pour high smoking point oil (canola) to lightly coat
Toss pan into oven, heat until ready (10-15 minutes)
Place steaks on pan (you should hear a sizzle)
DON'T TOUCH THE STEAKS FOR 30 SECONDS; Side should have a nice seared crust on it
Flip, and the same

Take off heat, flip, toss steaks with pan into oven for 2 minutes, pull out, flip, cook another 2. Leave steaks on a plate for 3 minutes to let juices even out inside.
Use that 3 minutes to pour a 1/2 cup beef stock + 1/2 cup red wine into hot pan, simmer, mix in whatever is crusted onto pan into sauce. drop a semi-heaped tablespoon of flour into the pan, and stir. You now have a red wine gravy.

Serve. And preferrably enjoy with a nice table red.

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