Jul 11, 2007

My Favorite Muay Thai Technique: The "Cut Kick."

I will focus many of the upcoming posts this week on my favorite techniques, and how to, and when to, utilize them.

I almost wrote "Cute Kick" in the title, but I can say that there's nothing cute about the pain caused from being on the recieving end of one of these things.
It's basically a a pivoting 45 degree instep kick to the upper lead thigh, inner or outer. Since I fight right-side dominant southpaw (right hand lead), it's perfect for a jab counter, or something to close a small gap by not bringing the kicking leg back.
Some armchair warriors can be quick to point out that pivoting in most MT kicks is a no-no. However, when you don't have the time to step out for the kick, ie, for a counter, a quick pivoting low high-powered kick is a pretty safe bet.

Here's a YouTube video that explains it pretty well--

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