Jul 8, 2007

Pure Street Fights- collection of the most brutal fights caught on tape!


Now, I'm not one to actually promote senseless violence, but when others will do it for me, that's fine. PSFights.com (Pure Street Fights) is just a collection of the best and worst street (or not) fights caught on camera.

Why did I find this link to put up?
Because people in any sort of MA are constantly bombarded with the "street fighting" set of questions and bullcrap.

"Can you fight in real life?"
"Does your style prepare you for street fights?"
"What do you mean, other training? I thought the only punch used in the street was the Haymaker/Lunge Punch?"
"I can take on 5 people at once. How about you?"
"Is that homeless person going to rape me?"
"I expect the person to attack me with a knife like a 5 year old mentally handicapped child"
"I've taken an RBSD course before, why haven't you?"
"Groundfighters aren't prepared for real fights."

Aside from the 5th and 6th quotes, the rest are actually what people say.
Now, the truly stupid fall into the movie myth-land and dream about being able to take out groups of people with poorly trained technique and even poorer reactions. The even dumber think that all fights are predictable, with a pre-ordained set of moves that will occur.
Anyone who has taken or seen a karate class or some other McDojo teach their students about self defense, it usually goes something like this (maybe not as exaggerated, tee hee):

"You attacked me wrong!"

So, go to http://www.psfights.com/ and see what you really might be up against "on the streets."
Some clips will have you saying "I could've won." And others will have you saying "Maybe not. I think I'll go to sleep with the lights on now." or "Gee, those haymakers don't go as slow as my (Sensei/Sifu/Soke/Grandmaster/Other BS Name) says they do."

A handful of good (by good, I mean, terrible. just terrible) clips:

A fight between two women. Very one sided.

Gangbangers going at it.

Argument turns bad and one guy gets KTFO.

1 punch KO.

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