Jul 26, 2007

The Rear Naked Choke. The Easiest Way to Win a Fight For Dummies.

The Rear Naked Choke, or the "RNC," is the beginner's best weapon. Why? Because it's ridiculously easy to get the choke, and also, it's a damn fast way to knock your opponent out without having to punch him.

Just for shits and giggles, here's a video of Randy Couture choking out a girl:

I've watched that video maybe dozen times already. Am I a terrible person? Maybe.

Now, on to the actual technique itself:

The RNC works by using the blade of the forearm to choke a person into unconciousness, not by crushing the windpipe, but by restricting the blood flow to the brain by cutting off the cartoid arteries.

Wikipedia Says (the Figure 4 Varient): [The PC LE version of the name is "lateral vascular neck restraint "]

In martial arts, the term RNC often refers to the hand-on-biceps version (sometimes the shoulder since hands on shoulder allows less space for the other person to escape but getting in that position is rare.) This variant is considered to be a "blood choke" because it restricts blood flow to the brain via the carotid arteries. When done correctly, it can cause temporary unconsciousness in a few seconds. The following is a description of this technique using the left arm -- the attacker's left arm encircles the opponent's neck, with the opponent's trachea at the crook of the elbow. The attacker's left hand then grasps his own upper right arm (biceps region). The right hand is placed behind (or occasionally on top of) the opponent's head. The elbows are then brought together such that lateral pressure is applied to the neck on both sides.

Here's a 10-minute tutorial on how to get the RNC in on a opponent. Nicely done, www.Grapplearts.com

Now, this seems hard to grasp for people: "How the hell can this be such a desvastating attack? My Eye Gouge/Nut Grab/Other Ninjer Attack will destroy anyone who tries this on me!"

I'll just assume that if you're saying anything like that, you've never been in a proper choke before. You're training with pansies. As soon as you're not resisting the choke from being finished, the lock is pretty easily established, and I'll tell you right now, the immediate need for oxygen/blood kind of makes any striking offensive you want to take a bit ineffective.

Also, just to test this, I applied the choke, then established a poor stance (legs squared, close to opponent, perfect for getting donkey kicked), applied the choke, and told the 'chokee' to kick me in the balls. Granted, it was a terrible idea now that I think about it, but it does prove one thing- being in immense pain while having a choke in just makes the choke even stronger.
Also, working your way into a good defensive posture while applying the choke makes any of those attacks a neglible threat. The best posture you ask? Well, if it was a life-or-death situation, I'd actually tell you to go ahead and kick his legs forward, pull back, then sprawl. That drop alone would probably kill him, and if it doesnt, you suddenly have a deathgrip of a choke, thanks to the fact that your shoulder will suddenly begin to apply a lot leverage, an almost-instant blackout. But, I hope no one reading this blog is out to kill anyone, so I suggest the rear mount position, as demonstrated by our boys in uniform:
Once again, I would suggest kicking out his legs, and then go ahead and drop down on your ass while rolling slightly back, all while locking the other guy's body in with your legs.

"Thanks, Yoon, but how the hell do you get to the choke in the first place?"
There are an infinite amount of ways to get to this choke, especially if you know how to get to a proper body clinch- however, coming from a stand-up point of view, invite a friend, and try these two drills out:

1) Get into striking range of each other, be the same lead side forward (your left forward, his left forward, etc, etc.). Now, in one explosive motion, slap his lead hand out of the way (toward your outside), then lunge forward, doing three things in the process (a- step closer to him b- shoot your lead hand toward the inside of his neck c- swing your rear side toward his back), and proceed to apply the choke. Make sure he is resisting your choke, so that you find a sense of timing and the ability to finish the choke as soon as possible.

2) This time, instead of taking the offensive, tell him to jab at your randomly, and then shoot in for the choke as soon as the jab is almost fully extended, reaching over his punching hand with your choking hand. This is currently my favorite jab counter against anyone who over-reaches with their punches.

After you perfect those two drills, just start experimenting. Outside of being enrolled in a good grappling school, that's the only way to really learn.

Now, on an ending note, the RNC is actually a very easy thing to defend for anyone familiar with leverage.
Hoping that you're still standing when the choke is applied, try to grab the choking forearm as close to the wrist as possible, and try to twist your neck toward the sides at a slight angle.
Drop in base so that the choke can't be properly applied, step your left leg over his right leg, then bar your left leg behind his right knee while grabbing his right leg below the knee and throwing him over your own leg. If the choke isn't released, as soon as you hit the ground, push the choking arm at the elbow over your head, and escape/attack from there.

Hope you enjoyed this post. I did. I'm going to go watch that Couture video again.


Anonymous said...

I would rip your nuts off, drive my elbow thru your left eye socket, and murder you if you tried that faggy embrace on me.

Once your get 40 lbs larger than your opponent, I can peel your twiggy arms off of me like a woman. Then I beats you bloody. Size and strength beats weak BJJ technique. Just ask Frank Mir.

Punch Kick Choke said...

Uh huh.

Do you happen to be a 290lb freight train named Brock Lesnar? No? Okay. Oh, that's right, he got caught with a kneebar before anyway. Nevermind.

(I was actually going to just reply with "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHAHAHA" but I thought it would be rude.)