Jul 2, 2007

Striker Training

a post just for the stand-up fighters in the audience

Great Training Tools:
[Disclaimer: ...on top of training you're already doing]

Gaining strength

  • Weighted push ups
  • Pull ups
  • Resistance band isometric punching
  • Prisoner squats
  • Planks

All of the strength exercises are pretty straightforward... the resistance band isometric punching is something I learned about while reading up on Bruce Lee one day. You double up a resistance band, hold one end, loop behind your back to the other hand, and extend your arm like you're punching straight out and holding that position, in stages, while the non-punching arm remains by the waist.

Gaining plyometric strength, aka explosiveness

  • Woodchops
  • Jumping lunge
  • Jumping stars
  • Poor man's hurdles
  • Plyometric push-ups
  • Step-ups

Woodchops: take a weight or attach a smaller hand grip to a lat-pull down machine, stand perpendicular to the machine, and pull diagonally across your chest.
Jumping lunge: have one knee low to the ground, and the other leg bent, foot flat on the ground. Jump and switch positions multiple times
Jumping stars: crouch down, arms across chest, jump up open arms and legs so you look like a big 'X' and return to original position before hitting ground
Poor man's hurdles: in a semi-narrow hallway, take some masking tape, and make a row of 3 "hurdles," 3-4 feet high, 2 feet from each other. go back and forth.
Plyometric push-ups: if you don't know what those are, [in place of explicatives= 'Look them up in the Google search box to the right!']
Step ups: quickly jump on an elevated platform, at least 2.5 feet off the ground, land on one foot, jump back down, jump up with other foot.

Gaining speed/agility

  • TKD hopping
  • Jump rope
  • Resistance band quick flurrys
  • Hanging paper punches
  • Pick up pencils with your toes

TKD hopping: usually poorly executed; TKD hopping should actually be an even, low hopping on a shoulder width stance. You should never completely leave the ground. A really good exercise for the calves.
Hanging paper punches: probably the only controversial thing on this list aside from the TKD hopping. Hang a piece of paper at head height, and throw jabs at it. You can tell when you're snapping your punch properly. Remember, this is only for jabbing.
Picking up pencils w/ toes: i'm not lying-- it's actually an effective training tool for efficient, quick lateral movement.

Gaining accuracy/timing

  • Hanging limes/tennis balls
  • Play FPS games (not kidding)
  • Play with your dog

Hanging limes/balls is a very old training method, and it's a versatile one to boot. You can practice bobbing and weaving with the movements, and you can combine that with punching the limes for accuracy.
Unfortunately, accuracy and timing is only truly gained from sparring with a live partner. Solo training won't ever replace that.

Hope that helps: links for strikers coming up.
Next in line: grappling tools.


Kwong-Yao said...

i used to be interested in training to fight... but now i just train to run.

ysc87 said...

heck-- just training with fighting in mind gives me a better workout.

you should start again, and you can use all that running for sparring.