Jul 3, 2007

Tony Blauer's SPEAR System

This is one of the controversial topics in the world of MA... Tony Blauer's S.P.E.A.R system, or "Spontaneous Protection Enabling Accelerated Response." With just as many haters as there are lovers of the system, it is by far, one of the most famous, and the most successful RBSD-type styles ever, mostly in part by the fact that the system is used by the Navy SEALs.
But while most still agree that it is one of the few RBSD type 'styles' that are quite effective. I personally view it as a fantastic 'tactic' with an even better drilling system incorporated into the whole thing.

Because the SPEAR system is, in its most basic form, essentially a way just giving the user an extra half second of a cushion by stopping the attack and driving the attacker back with force, it's quite useful. However, that in itself not a complete MA, and if you've seen the way it is represented, it is definitely a "scenario-based" type system, which most users understand, and supplement with their own styles. The "spear" itself consists of essentially driving your forearms into the opponent's chest while maintaining a fence with your arms, never letting the forearms reach less than a 90 degree angle at the elbows. Physiologically, all that does is allow the user to use an extra tricep muscle for more resistance to an attack, Also, since you're driving into your opponent to block, you want to give yourself some reach while retaining some plyometric pushing power (which disappears after full extension of your arms).

Problems? The only cons I see in this system are:
1) Blauer's a complete douchebag, from what I hear, and EXTREMELY protective of anything SPEAR related. But that makes sense, because people are always trying to imitate the system.
2) Wayyy too expensive.
3) Going off number 2, you can home-drill the basics (which i think are the most important part of the whole thing), it just wouldn't involve that neat little 'High Gear' protection suit (which retails at $1200+)
4) Blauer makes it seem much more advanced than it really is. " Spontaneous Protection Enabling Accelerated Response, supported by medical research." Why not be really honest and say: "We just have these awesome effective reaction drills that we grind into your head and muscles." That's really just it.

I'll upload the full 20 minute 'early spear' demo video made in the 90s or late 80's sometime. it's a bit outdated, but it's a good video. these sampler videos will have to do for now.



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