Jul 4, 2007

What's the point?

Someone asked me yesterday: "What's the point of this new blog of yours? You say you're a dominant striker, but you like posting about grappling. so what is this about?"

Granted, this is still a very new site, so the goal may not be very clear. As varied as the things I may post are, the basic point of this blog is this:

From the point of a mixed-martial artist, you're not really a MMA fighter unless you have all of the bases covered, which in the most general sense consists of: Striking with the arms and legs, and grappling (ground and in clinch). I am looking at it in the point of view of a stand-up fighter who realizes that proper grappling should be an essential part of this repetoire, but still needs to ease into it(hence the beginner videos), and i see a lot of my generation of MAers who did not start in grappling fit into that group. Also, i will be trying to accommodate for the small percentage of grapplers who want to learn something as well. so, essentially, i'm the middleman. i'll encourage strikers to learn a little bit of grappling, and vice versa.

But, however, that does not mean i'm abandoning striking altogether. Why throw away something you're decent at? So, i will be posting a lot of videos, and yes, a slightly higher percentage will be on things like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Greco-Roman wrestling, but that's largely due to the fact that grappling videos are usually much better made. Logically-- striking requires quick reactions and an innate sense of timing, which can't be taught from a video. Basic grappling, on the other hand, while it requires quick reactions as well, is a technical art, and so, QED, much easier to get information on from media of any sort.
...Not to mention the fact that a lot of current-age striking videos try to make a little money by advetising "anti-grappling strikes," which is more or less bullcrap, and just pisses me off to the point where i just don't want that kind of BS on my blog.

So, regardless, keep an open mind, but also take what i write and post up with a grain of salt anyway.

Hope you like the site so far.

*From a suggestion from PizDoff from the bullshido forums, I will be formatting all of my posts to be free of grammatical and punctuation errors, starting by re-doing all of my previous posts. After trying to put up as many useful things as possible, I guess I dropped off quality somewhere in there. Sorry.*

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