Aug 5, 2007

The Hip Throw for Physics Geeks

As an engineering student, I may as well talk about why certain moves work the way they do every once in a while. Today, I'll cover one of the easiest throws to perform- the Hip Toss, aka the 'Koshi Gurama/Koshinage.'

The Hip Throw is where you take the inside position, turn your hip into a fulcrum (For those of you not fortunate enough to have finished a basic physics course: A fulcrum is essentially the point of support where a lever turns, aka, a pivot point) over the opponent's COG (in this case, right above his hip) and flip him over onto the ground.

Wikipedia says (quite concisely):
Hip throws: A hip throw involves using your hip as a pivot point to throw your opponent to the floor. By getting your hip in a lower position than your opponent's center of gravity you can easily throw them. There are several types of hip throws such as O Goshi, this throw is often taught first to novices as it is relatively easy to learn. A hip throw in Aikido or Sumo is called a koshinage.

Here is a quick instructional video:

From the video: The most important part about this technique- keep your stance narrower than your opponent's, especially if you do not outweigh him by a significant amount. I can't count how many people mess this part up.

Now, for a full reading on the physics of the throw, read this interesting little article on :


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