Aug 7, 2007

How do... Muay Thai Clinch?

So, after seeing some Tony Jaa wannabes demonstating how effective clinching and kneeing a person is ("My Muay Thai is T3H D34DLY, although I've never trained" type), I noticed that they were doing some really stupid things, and I kindly told them that I'd break their goddamn fingers if they didn't fix their grip.

Of course, anyone who has even the slightest clue about Muay Thai can tell you how to clinch properly, but today, this post is to keep untrained people from hurting/overexerting themselves from bad holding.

I'll spell it out for you:
Hand #1 - Grab the crown of the head slightly to the side opposite of hand, aka, opposite side mid-base of skull, NOT THE FREAKING NECK
Hand #2 - Grab wrist/back of Hand #1.
Simple enough, right?

1) Why not the neck? You can't create as much control as when you are grabbing behind the crown of the head.

2) Don't INTERTWINE THE FINGERS. It's a good way to break your fingers, if that's your thing.

Bad holding:

So, because I know you're all visual learners, here's a video on the clinch.


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