Aug 1, 2007

MA Legend Cung Le Teaches How to Catch a Kick + Le vs Fryklund Strikeforce

I have a test this week, so no long posts for the next two days-- So today:

San Shou hero Cung Le in a short 3-part lesson on how he catches a leg kick.

Whoever did the splitting of the video should be shot, but it's worth watching regardless.

Two things to take from these videos:
1) How to drill with a partner
2) Notice how he braces into the kick so its possible to deflect the kick straight into the catch. Very similar to the Hackleman leg check I linked to in the Liddell post, but with different intent.

And just because, here's Cung in his 4th MMA fight in Strikeforce, vs. Fryklund.
Watch how Le just completely dominates. Not because flashy kicks work, but because it serves a valuable lesson to you via Fryklund: "Play to your goddamn strengths."

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