Aug 20, 2007

One more "I'm pissed at the poor form I see" post: The Proper Thai Roundhouse

I've seen it. You've seen it. Everyone and their grandmother has seen it.
And yet, the self-proclaimed "Muay Thai Masters" still throw slow, looping, ineffective kicks. Oh, and the explanations they give about it... wow. Just... wow.

Roses are red, violets are blue-
I'm going to rape you asshats with a fork.
Yes, you're supposed to swing your leg.
No, you don't fucking chamber the kick.
Yes, you need to throw your hips into the kick.
No, you don't jump "for power."
Yes, your upper body helps to initiate the motion.
No, your "internal chi" doesn't do it.
Yes, you ideally hit with the lower part of your shin.
No, you don't hit with your toes; it isn't Savate, it isn't Karate.

So, one more time- (orthodox, right leg kick)

Get into a proper stance.

Your FRONT FOOT (left) goes and steps foward 45 degrees out(left).

Rear(right) side starts to move forward, snap that side's(right) arm down, while simultaneously bringing left arm up to defend head.

All the while, as you're bringing your leg up in a 45 degree angle up, you're pivoting on the ball of your left foot.

Fully rotate your hips

That left foot should be 90+ degrees out by the time the kick lands, forcibly angling your right foot in the right position.
Shin hits opponent.

He cries out in pain.

If all of this takes more than 1 second, you need to work out more often. Really.

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