Aug 16, 2007

The Subtle Science of the Muay Thai Clinch (by Roberto Pedreira)

In the midst of all the grappling techniques I have put up, I haven't yet forgotten about the MT crowd:

Here is a very interesting read on the Muay Thai clinch:

The clinch is something I emphasize to everyone, regardless of style- even if you don't know/want to learn groundfighting, if you can't perform basic clinch techniques, I would say your striking skill is moot, especially in MMA-style fighting.
Whether it's the Muay Thai, Greco-Roman, or Dirty Boxing clinch, it's the ability to master, and be able to transition to each, that will make or break your MMA game.

Here's my previous post on how to properly get into the MT clinch:

Here's my previous post on the Dirty Boxing clinch (Jens Pulver):


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Anonymous said...

this is january 23 2016 aint it time you learned clinching !!

individuals intrested in learning CLINCH should start with pummeling and hand fighting skills development.

there is plenty of youtube demonstrating how to learn these moves.

some of the links are intermediate in skill level however all are very good.