Aug 12, 2007

Tony Blauer's Spear

I made a post about Tony Blauer's Spear System a few weeks ago-
I recommend reading the previous post before continuing.

Honestly, for the people who are looking into the system, there's an issue, since Blauer is extremely protective of his material, and outside of LEOs, civilians who are interested are only exposed to limited amounts of materials. (Honestly, I believe it's a bad thing for the system, because many smart consumers nowadays look for material outside of commercials before making a decision, especially considing the cost of learning the system.)

So here's an old video about how to use the SPEAR method against the (according to Tony) "three primary types of attacks on the street," the Haymaker, Tackle, and Gun Grab. (Yes, the system has been augmented by a significant amount since this video, but it's an interesting view regardless. I still think he's a douchebag (see past post), but w/e.



rowdy said...

i have a problem with his counter to the tackle/gun grab. i'm not saying i know how to properly repel something like that but once he's in motion and you push against him like he was you better be sure you are alot stronger than he is because with the momentum already carrying him and him still pushing it won't be easy to stop your assailant and get in a position where you can take them down instead.

ysc87 said...

Yeah, I guess I should've taken the time to explain what he didn't in the video:

Honestly, it's pretty retarded to try the SPEAR method/FMA forearm block/other forearm stop out on anything other than an attack that was launched within arm's reach. Otherwise, (it's true that your arm can exert more force when it's bent slightly out...but when someone has built momentum by distance during their tackle attempt, no.) you're better off doing something else you've learned.

The SPEAR system, as I've pointed out on the post in the first link, is at its core (imho) a method of gaining time to counter after an unexpected attack. It sure has evolved since it started, but it's just a useful tool, not a full style.

In the end, I won't say it's a bad system, but it's not the be-all-end-all.

Hope you like the rest of the site.

epsa said...

Great video, thanks.