Aug 13, 2007

UFC 63 - Hughes vs. Penn : The Best Fight in History

In my opinion, the BEST UFC fight ever (apparently, Sports Illustrated agrees with me): Matt Hughes vs BJ Penn, UFC 63.

Penn definitely worked Hughes over the first two rounds (Which Hughes publically admitted), but ended with Hughes winning by stoppage in round three, partly due to Penn's cracked rib in round 2 while taking Matt's back.
Regardless of outcome, two of my favorite fighters, Penn and Hughes, showed some incredible stuff in this match.

Wikipedia Says:
Welterweight Championship bout: Champion
Matt Hughes vs. B.J. Penn

This UFC contest was supervised by the California State Athletic Commission, with Armando Garcia as Chief. The judges at Octagon side were Hector Hernandez, Richard Bertrand, and Cecil Peoples. The referee for the fight was John McCarthy.
In the main event of the evening,
Matt Hughes defends his championship and defeats "The Prodigy" B.J. Penn by technical knockout (referee stoppage) due to strikes at 3:53 of round three. Hughes, who self-admittedly said he lost the first two rounds, and who nearly succumbed to a reverse triangle choke/armbar combination from Penn at the end of round two, was able in the third round to gain side control of Penn and trap his two arms beneath him (one under his legs, the other under his left arm) while delivering a series of blows to the head.[2]
In an interview on his own website after the fight, Penn claimed that he separated his
ribs at the end of the second round in an attempt to sweep to Hughes' back.[5] While the initial doctors report did not show any injuries,[6] a later examination found that Penn did fracture his ribs at a costochondral junction and strained the adjacent intercostal and oblique musculatures.[7]
The fight was given heightened interest, as Penn was the last person to defeat Hughes in mixed martial arts.

BJ Penn vs Matt Hughes part 1
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BJ Penn vs Matt Hughes part 2
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