Sep 11, 2007

Another "Just Because It's Funny" Post: 'How Other Countries Deal With Hostage Situations.'

Actually, scratch that. Make it a "Just because it's funny but also quite possibly terrible" post.
I have to write that just in case a PC-friendly person happens to stumble upon this site.

Right. Moving on.

Ever see a media coverage of a hostage sitution somewhere in the US, and watch the TV feeling a sick mix of fear, intrigue, and amusement? Hell this applies to you if you've ever even seen a MOVIE about a hostage situation in the US. It's exciting stuff, right? But it moves SOOO slow. Why? Because professionals are trying to resolve the situation in a clean manner, having negotiators play the role of psychiatrist, trying to relate to the hostage taker; of course, all of this done with the intention of having the fewest number of fatalities possible, good or bad.

Do these tactics work well in Non-Western countries? Who knows. The only thing I can tell you for sure is that those tactics aren't always the first ones used.

Well, click on the link below, and see how Chinese law enforement fares compared to their Slow-and-Steady-Wins-the-Race American counterparts.

Since this IS a MMA blog, I'll try to turn this into a lesson:

1) "Save distractions for going in for the KO shot/Takedown, because that's when they count."

2) "Hit the guy in the back of the head when you can unless you're fighting for sport at the time."

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