Sep 16, 2007

Chute Boxe- Ninja and Shogun Rua Demonstrate a Clinch Escape

Now, I want to assume all of you know the Chute Boxe Academy and the Rua Brothers (Shogun is the one that's going to fight Forrest Griffin soon), but I know better than that:

Today's video I put up not because the escape itself is great, but because it explains, in words, by someone who knows what they're talking about, how important it is to get space between you and your opponent if he has double underhooks on you. The few people that I've taught clinch work to, they were fair at pummeling after a few hour's practice, but once I established double underhooks, instead of "getting into base" (lowering your center of gravity) and creating some space, they would try to fight me off by standing erect and trying to push me off. Needless to say, anyone who does that is pretty F'd in the A.

So, this is important to all of you who refuse to try out groundfighting, because this is another tool you can use to stay on your feet... until you get double legged. But I'll talk about the sprawl at a later point.

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