Sep 18, 2007

Crazy Monkey- The Elevation Drive

Today, something to help out your boxing-

You've all seen the various CM posts I've made:

Watch this video:

It's called the "Elevation Drive," and it's a fantastic addition to any stand-up fighters in the audience. This basic move drives your opponent off balance by use of good angling, and will set you up to throw a cross+whatever combination.

ysc87's physics lesson of the day: Your Opponent can resist direct lateral force fairly easily, and it would be hard to off-balance him even if you are stronger, but by slightly angling the direction of applied force, your opponent may not be able to accomodate for the force coming from that side. It's basically the principle that parrying/sticky hands/etc works on, but in this case, you are the one on the offensive initially. Also, since you're bending down right before the move, it allows you to spring up, and essentially multiply the amount of force you're applying (F=ma) in a much shorter period of time (higher impulse [second derivative of velocity]).

Great move, really. Even if you don't understand that last paragraph at all.


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