Sep 3, 2007

(The Dog Brothers) An Important Lesson from "Kali Tudo"

If by some off chance, you have never heard of the Dog Brothers, I urge you to read up about them:

Very well respected in the FMA world, and in general.

Anyway, on a whim, I was watching their short video "Kali Tudo," and about a minute into it, there was an extremely important lesson that, surprisingly, many Martial Artists, regardless of style, completely ignore. He calls it "The Attacking Block," while most Basketball coaches describe it as "A Good Offense is also a Good Defense." The important segment is only a minute and a half of the three minute and a half video, but is a great lesson that can be applied to whatever Martial Art you study.

So watch the video, because he explains it so much better than I ever can.


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