Sep 8, 2007

Dumbass of the Year Award goes to...

Hi guys, question: How stupid do you have to be to rush EDDIE-fucking-BRAVO and fight him ON THE GROUND?

Answer: Pretty fucking stupid.
If you don't know who Eddie "Twister" Bravo is,

He runs his 10th planet BJJ classes out of Couture/Rutten's Legends Gym in Hollywood. Check him out.
Initial Transcript:
Eddie: Can you handle it?
Student: Yeah.
Eddie: (unintelligable)...start doing Kung Fu and Karate and shit.
Student: What about kung fu and Karate?
Eddie: This is a Jujitsu class, alright you don't go off to the side and start doing kata... You don't do that shit. ... get a tap. It's a lot better than that (bull)shit.

Oh my, that is funny.

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