Sep 12, 2007

Excellent Guard Pass- Marcelo Garcia

Marcelo Garcia, 5-time Worlds and 3-time Abu Dabi Champion, continues his masterful submission grappling and mixed martial arts techniques, here demonstrating Passing The Guard.

Watch here (Embedding disabled)

While I prefer "punching past the guard" type ground offenses, this is an excellent video.

Important Steps to Keep in Mind While Watching This Video:

  • Arm Control (What I've heard BJ Penn refers to as a "friendship position")

  • Well Timed Wrist Pin

  • Post Head on Opponent's Chest

  • Stand, Not Stack

  • Circle, Wrist Grab Switch

  • Post Arm to Get Into Sturdy Base

  • Scoop Opponent's Head

  • Push His Knee Down

  • Use Own Opposite Side Knee to Pass the Guard


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