Sep 28, 2007

The Fight Scenes From the Bourne Trilogy

A tribute to the movie series that at least tried to have realistic fight scenes. Notice the keyword "tried." No hatemail, kthx. In case you guys are wondering, Bourne's noted style is Krav Maga, and no, most KMer's are nowhere nearly as smooth or fast as this movie superagent with amniesia.

All the fight scenes from the Bourne Identity: The knife/pen sequence is exceptional. Personally, the first one was my favorite in terms of action, because they were able to capture all of the action without hyper-zooming and shaking the camera.

The "Rolled Up Magazine" fight scene from Supremacy. Many a film fan's "favorite improvised movie weapon" of all time.

The full chase scene + Bourne vs. Desh fight scene from Ultimatum. The book was an especially nice touch.


Hays said...

Actually, not to question your judgment or anything, but the actual style used is the open hand techniques in kali/arnis/eskrima, if you watch the special features found in the first movie you would know this. They decided to go with the FMA because of the brutal efficiency and grace it had. Krav Maga though is efficient just doesn't use the techniques you see in the movie. The grace, speed and efficiency were not only because of great choreography, but also because of the techniques and practices used in FMA, the trapping and redirection Bourne uses is almost the signature of it.

Punch Kick Choke said...

While I'm not going to disagree that the style (In the pen/knife scene in the 1st, the magazine scene in the 2nd) is basically, move for move, a homage to FMA choreography, the official stated style for Bourne in the movie has always been Krav Maga.

Plus, in the books, it has always been some BS kung fu style only one other person knows but him.

Not to offend you and all, but it's a freaking movie.

Just so you know my standpoint on this:

-Krav Maga, except in rare cases, sucks balls.

-Escrima/Kali/Arnis, except in rare cases, sucks balls. (Kudos to Dan Insonato and the Dog Brothers for giving us examples of FMA not completely sucking)