Sep 19, 2007

Mike Tyson Highlights

You know, the first time I watched a Tyson fight in elementary school, I had a bare grasp on the subject of boxing, but I knew that there was no way that the match could be for anything over a middleweight bout. There was absolutely no freaking way anyone heavier than that could move as fast as the large black man with the funny accent did. Boy, I was wrong.

I was inspired to put up this post because I noticed that younger fight fans often have no idea what a wrecking ball Tyson was in his short but well-remembered prime, and I wanted to put up a little refresher for those who have forgotten, or have never actually seen a "Iron Mike" Tyson fight.

The man who was the most feared fighter in the world in his time has been reduced to nothing, and it saddens me a little bit... until I hear a clip of him talking. Then I just crack up.



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