Sep 21, 2007

Tommy Carruthers - Extremely Fast JKD

I figure most of you have already seen this video, but it's definitely a must-see in terms of speed training. I'm not really going to say if Tommy can actually fight, but the truth is, he has great application of both weight transfer and the 70/30 balance (something most of you are probably unfamiliar with) along with amazing core strength.

Now, unfortunately, Tommy is a complete douchebag, and regularly enjoys dissing Bruce Lee about alleged steroid usage last I heard of him. Small guy, huge ego, whatever. The video's still worth watching, however.



Stevie Bhoy said...

Have you met Tommy? What you said can be taken as insulting. How can you judge a person whom you have never met? The man is a talented, dedicated JKD professional. Why would he diss Bruce Lee? Tommy teaches JKD the way Bruce taught, which is about simplicity, directness and effiency. Get your facts right and do not be judgemental, it does you no favours.

Punch Kick Choke said...

Yes, he has dissed Bruce Lee on multiple occasions.

While I don't disagree that he is dedicated, I do have a problem with both his general behavior (I haven't cared about Tommy Carruthers since last year, so if he's somehow changed his attitude since then, good for him.) and his general training methods.

You say Bruce Lee taught JKD to be about simplicity, directness, and efficiency, but Carruthers is just another instructor that makes his cash off of the flashiness that people remember Lee having, although a talented one at that.

And yes, you can judge a person that you've never met to a certain degree. What do you think you were doing when you decided to comment here?

Punch Kick Choke said...

Let me rephrase that-

I'm sure Tommy Carruthers is just fine as a person, in person, but as most people who've done any level of digging on the guy has seen, his online personality is just slightly lacking. AKA, he comes off as a complete douchebag.

Actually, aside from how he markets and teaches his crap, I don't have too much of an issue with him. I do have a problem with the legion of armchair-warrior fan boys he's gotten from his youtube videos.

Hope that clears it up for you.