Sep 29, 2007

Top 10 K1 Knockouts in 2007 (Kickboxing)

(Wow, it's been 100 posts.)
Check out this video-- the two thai kicks in the middle of the clip just make me cringe in pain.

Well kids, now you know the importance of defending yourself properly, and how you should work on not walking right into a big shot.

On another note: If you're one of those people who have never done any kind of full-contact fighting sport, and you think to yourself "wow, these pros are slow... I can take them on. They can't knock me out," guess what? You're gonna get KTFO. I don't understand the ignorance of some spectators of the sport, whether K1 or UFC. A serious lack of understanding of human physiology along with the sport can be the only real explanation.

You don't see why these fighters show signs of fatigue after "only" 3 rounds? This applies to 80% of you- try kickboxing with a MT guy, or clinch fighting with a wrestler for a round, and lets see how your cardio's doing then... if you manage to last that long. Or can you not see how those "slow" punches manage to knock someone out? Apparantly you forget the fact that you're watching the movement from a distance through a camera,and not 2 feet in front of a punching opponent.

My point is- stop being armchair warriors, and actually train and spar. Just because you can see everything that's being thrown and know how to react against some distant opponent on TV, does not mean you can do it when the person is right in front of you.


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