Sep 7, 2007

Trigg vs. Hughes II UFC 52

Another "Best Fight Ever"-
Trigg vs. Hughes II

Why? Because, it confirmed how much of a Bad-ass Matt Hughes could actually be.

Although I still think BJ Penn should have won their second fight (, Hughes is still definitely one of my favorite fighters of all time.

In this fight, Trigg (If you don't know who Frank Trigg is, watch Pride FC on FSN... he's one of the hosts.), hits Hughes in the groin, but the ref somehow doesn't see it; Trigg takes advantage of the situation by rushing Hughes to the ground and pound, throwing punch after punch, gets into the mount, then takes the back. Trigg gets the RNC almost in, with Hughes's face going purple... then something miraculous happens.

Hughes escapes, stands, and proceeds to execute one of the hardest slams I've seen in competition, mounts, and proceeds to transition from GNP to a very pretty RNC finish.

Wow... just wow. Watch, and Enjoy.


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