Sep 25, 2007

Watch Human Weapon: Marine Corp (Marine Corp Martial Arts Program)

*edit #2 - works again
*edit* I completely screwed up- the episode was on the MCMAP, not MAC. The Marines and the Army are not the same things. Brain fart, sorry... I've been lacking sleep these days*
The Human Weapon MCMAP episode: Bill and Jason get to train really F'ing hard with the American Devil Dogs.

If you don't know what the MCMAP (Marine Corp Martial Arts Program) is, it's the official fighting style of US Marine Corp:

Once again, take some things with a grain of salt (like the Randy Couture comment), but this one was a mostl-BS-free episode. And yes, the Rolling Kneebar and 'the Reap' are keepers in terms of technique. The fact that these moves are fairly well explained in these shows makes it significantly more watchable.

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Anonymous said...

Just a heads up: although they are similar in alot of ways, modern ARMY combatives, is not the same thing as MARINE CORE martial arts program. Seeing as how the marines and the army are completely separate organizations.

Anonymous said...

How the hell did I miss that?
Thank you for the heads up.