Oct 12, 2007

Chuck Liddell Gives Sprawling Tips (2 videos)

The former UFC champ himself gives some pointers on the sprawl.

I can argue with you all day about whether Liddell's reign in the UFC was due to his oddball punching style or his ridiculously effective sprawling.

Also, instead of arguing, to any TMAist who happens to land on this page, I'm going to TELL you that the sprawl is the true "anti-grappling" that many of your peers seem to enjoy talking about. It's not a straight knee or elbow to the spine. It's sprawl, THEN knee/elbow (for anyone who doesn't know submissions). I could talk to you about the physics of the whole thing, but long story short, you need to have your momentum going forward for those counters to work/land with any power to stop the attack, and when someone is trying to take you down, that's not going to be the case. So, QED, you need to stop the other guy's shot before you take one of your own.

So watch the videos and learn. Please?

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