Oct 15, 2007

How do Shoulder Throw?

Whether you're in Judo, Pankration, BJJ, or even Aikido, the Shoulder Throw is an extremely versatile and forgiving (for the person using it) throw. When done properly, the thrown opponent will have suffered some major damage to his insides.

So, the steps and physics involved of the move:

Grab the wrist of the opponent's arm, turn into the opponent.

(2 ways for this next step)
Option 1:
Reach under his upper arm with your opposite arm, grasp his deltoid with that hand, locking his arm, and turning it into a lever.

Option 2:
Reach under his same-side shoulder with your arm, grasp his shoulder, allowing for greater torque to be applied to opponent's upper body.

(Option 2 allows for greater torque, but Option 1 is faster, and is much harder to react to and counter.)

At the same time, you use your bent knees like springs, and bump his hips with your own in an upward diagonal direction, and much like a double leg takedown, you disrupt his center of gravity, and bring it above your own.

At the same time as that, you pull on the trapped arm, and start to throw your upper body forward and down, creating an inclined plane and pivot point for your opponent's body.

He is now the physics-equivalent of a flung sack of potatoes, and you have sucessfully used a shoulder throw. Congrats.

From Human Weapon: (Option 1)

(Option 2)


Norman said...

my favorite throw =D thanks
but wouldn't option 2 techinically be called a hip throw? o___O

Punch Kick Choke said...

haha- yes, but some people/arts either call it a shoulder throw anyway, or make the distinction between it and a hip throw by how high the hands the clinched up.

good catch :)