Oct 14, 2007

The List of Muay Thai Counters

Via http://www.thaiboxing.com/

Use this list as a training tool- you need to have an answer to all types of attacks, and I can't stress how important that is. So, read, review, practice. Go on. It won't hurt too much.

Thai kick counters

Hop back
Knee shield
Long foot jab
Side foot jab
Cut kick

Foot jab counters

Hop back (guard with distance)
Back hand scoop to inside
Front hand scoop to outside
L knee block inward
Long foot jab (hop to inside angle and return to stomach)
Long foot jab (jam it before it gets started)

Jab counters

Teep ka
Shoulder roll & kick

Cross counters

Slip outside & L hand parry outside
Bob left
Shoulder stop
Long foot jab
R kick
Shoulder roll & L inner thigh kick
Upward elbow shield
Straight knee #1
Straight knee #2

Hook counters

Boxing cover
Bob & weave
Upper elbow (hit if early, cover if late)
Upper elbow with shoulder stop
Slip back (dead trap)

Elbow counters

Inside jam
Outside slip & jam
Forearm lift
Pat & forearm lift
Outside upper elbow shield

Knee counters

Parry outside
Parry inside
Curve knee
Hop back

Counters to spin kicks

Lean back
Cut kick
Long foot jab
Knee shield

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