Nov 8, 2007

How do... Leg Locks?

If you've ever talked to a more "traditional" BJJ instructor, and asked him about leg locks, he might look at you with a little bit of a strange look. He also might have said something like this:
"We don't trade submissions for position. Ever."

What a bunch of shit. Leg locks are among the easiest ways to win a fight, and the only time you don't want to be reliant on a leg submission is when you're fighting another grappler, because if they slip out, they could have you in some bad positions. Even then, you're probably still going to get it anyway.

But if they're so effective, why doesn't Brazilian Jiu Jitsu put that much importance on them? I mean, they are the dominant groundfighting style, right?

For those of you that don't know, you have to understand the BJJ philosophy- Never risk superior positioning for a win. Now, this applies to leg locks because when you go for them, you risk having someone escape, and if they do, in the case of leg locks, the opponent will be in a dominant position.


Even if you glanced over the rest of this post, read this:
If you've taken a person down, and you either know they aren't grapplers, or they haven't bothered to get you in their guard, it's pretty safe to assume they don't know how to fight on the ground. Now, second part to this- if you have no intention of punching this person (pass legs, mount, GNP), THEN go for a leg lock. I assure you that the other guy won't escape. Even if they do, you'll probably recover in time before the guy realizes that he should either rush you on the ground at that moment, or that he should get back up.

The gist of it is: Legs locks are really easy to catch guys with, and you just shouldn't use them when you're up against high-level grapplers. I really do think the Sambo strategy works better for the average person.

Anyway, examples:

From the mount

From side control (I'd suggest the leg wraparound when you can)

Rolling kneebar (Hey, look- it's SamboSteve)

Achilles Lock (explanation from Human Weapon)


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