Nov 6, 2007

I actually won a fight. Hooray.

I was training with my friend on the clinch and one of my neighbor's friends were watching us. He was about 3 inches shorter than I was, more muscle, bit of a beer belly. After a few minutes of watching, he asked "But is that useful in a real fight?"

Normally, I'd brush it off and just say "yes," but I was feeling a little cranky, and went off into a full explanation as to why traditional martial arts have a hard time adjusting to things like wrestling and aggression. I demonstrated things like a standing Kimura, and of all things, the sprawl.

After my friend left (this was around 12:30am), I kept talking to him.

Turns out, this guy was once an active 3rd degree Tae Kwon Do Black Belt (probably questionable) and also had a year of Hapkido that came with it. Very much a fan of stopping grappling with kicks and small joint manipulations. So, long story short, he didn't quite share my views. So, in the middle of the night, with my neighbor and more of his friends watching, he challenged me to a medium contact sparring match, grappling allowed, no striking on the ground. We clear off some room in the gym (there's weightlifting equipment everywhere).

We start- He throws a chambered roundhouse kick, which I step into and check at his thigh, and managed to get a kimura (Fig4 Hammerlock) standing up. Of course, he starts resisting, so I spin him around, hook him on his front leg, tripping him. I felt nice, so I let him down softly. I get the hold fully locked in, and he taps out.

Me 1 Other Guy 0

Second round- I throw a light roundhouse this time, and as he was trying to block it, he leaves his back wide open- I take advantage, and get a Rear Naked Choke almost immediately. Taps out again.

Me 2 Other Guy 0

Third round- I guess he was trying to show me how effective his hapkido was, because he grabbed my wrist. I collartie him, pull my hand out of his grip, push his head down, and got a guillotine on him- I push his rear leg out, and I pulled a closed-guard guillotine for the first time in my life. A little too effective- taps out once more.

Me 3 Other Guy 0

Now, this is important for me because it gave me a chance to prove that what I've been promoting (combining grappling into your SD repertoire.) actually will work for people not fighting at a professional/highly skilled level. Also, it let me convince one more person that small joint locks suck, because... they do. Over the course of 30 minutes, I manged to convince a guy (very good tempered, I was surprised that he wasn't upset from getting his ass handed to him by a guy 10 years younger) that full-resistance practice is how one learns how to defend themselves properly, and that grappling is excellent for stifling a person's movement and winning a fight. I guess it also gives me an excuse to keep blogging about MMA techniques. Well, my ego got inflated just a little bit more. Hooray?

It was the most fun I've had in quite some time... and my back and wrists hurt like hell right now. I really wish I had my camera with me :/


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