Nov 26, 2007

Lessons About Martial Arts From 3 Month Old Kittens

There are three main phases in combat: 
1) The slapping range.

This is usually the stage where kittens exchange various blows with one another, though they predominantly use paws I've seen a technique used here that I call the "kangaroo kick" where the kittens...well kick like kangaroos. They often try jumping attacks but the other cats usually move out of the way.

2) The hugging phase.

This is the immediate phase after slapping, here the cats grab one another with paws and occasionally teeth and attempt to wrestle onto the ground or...rarely..throw other kittens in a manner that sort of looks like a hip/shoulder throw combined. From here they can start hitting one another again but mostly go into...

3) The wrestling phase.

Here both cats are on the floor though in various positions, these include:

i) One can mounted flush atop the other whilst hitting with paws or biting.
ii) The cat is on its side and the top cat has mounted it around its waist.
iii) One kitten is face down with the other head butting the back of its head

General observations:
Though size of course matters, generally it's the kitten who has fought the most that wins.
One of my kittens is rather shy and doesn't partake in fighting so much as paw the air with her paw. She often loses.

Fitness plays a large role.
Druss, my largest kitten would lose alot despite his size until he got more active. Though he remains a pacifist, he is allowed to remain a pacifist because the other cats are too scared to fight him.

Cats prefer wrestling
The kitten that attempts to avoid this phase to begin with simply get wrestled down and head-butted. Head butts are good for causing damage and keeping distance and lastly, that the best defense against a bite seems to be a bite of one's own.

Armor helps in combat
Usually a Whiskas pouch box may be used though offensive capabilties are limited to hitting the other combatant through the slots in the box.
It is considered courteous to lick your opponents face after a fight.

And I suppose I can add some more as I observe.


Tigerkitty said...

this is AWESOME! ^^

bokshandschoenen said...

This is amazing and great inspiration...this tells us that we can get inspiration from anything just we have to open our eyes.