Nov 19, 2007

Two Moves From the SAMBO Human Weapon Episode

I was just really a fan of the SAMBO episode... except for the amateur that Fedor decided to pit against Bill. Before I get to the techniques that the title refers to, a few comments about the episode:

  • Once again, ultra-nub grappler vs. really big wrestler = ><
  • LOL at the fans of the show who thought that SAMBO = Systema/Cystema
  • Bill, despite the fact that I think he's a complete idiot, has improved significantly in technique and physique since the show started. Good for him.

Anyway, moving onto the techniques:

Scissors Takedown- I've actually grown to relate this move to Sanda/SanShou thanks to Cung Le, but it's an awesome looking, if not reliable, takedown:

Calf Slicer/Crush - a big reason why I love SAMBO: awesome and painful leg holds.
This one takes a turtled opponent and turns him into your prison b*tch, by both cranking his ankle and slicing into his calf with your shin at the same time. Painful, even to just look at.


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