Nov 21, 2007

Very Detailed Osoto Gari/Outer Leg Reap Demonstration (Camarillo Brothers)

Osoto Gari, one of the easiest Judo moves to pick up, is also one of the most effective throws in all of martial arts. In this video, the Camarillo brothers show us the subtle details (that can be shown through a video) of the throw. The reason I put this specific video up is that it also shows the no-gi variant of this throw. As some of you know, I'm not a fan of pure-gi instruction, as the gi gives a grappling practitioner some grips and leverage points that may not be there in real life, or even in no-gi competition/MMA.
[On a side note, I do a huge no-no by keeping an underhook and brute-forcing my way through the technique, rather than going for the more efficient (but also more dangerous) point of force application on the side of the neck/collar]


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