Dec 6, 2007

Best Damn Sports Show - Bas Rutten and Pat Militech

As stupid as it sounds, watch the last 1/3 of this clip- this is the 'Best Damn Sports' interview with Bas and Pat plugging the IFL back in 2006, when Bas was still a coach for the LA team.

I'm telling you to watch this, because they cover extremely basic movements in MMA, but in that simplicity, they also tell you what to expect from your opponent, and how to take advantage of it, whether it's using the thai clinch to set up a shoot, or how to use an opponent's defensive movements on the ground to pull an armbar.

Now, anyone who spars often enough should know these things already, but as for those of you who don't, take the lessons you may learn from this and the rest of my blogging and apply it- I'll say it again- theory works... in theory. As a engineering student, here's the best analogy I've heard that you can relate to this: Physics is to Mathematics as Sex is to Masturbation.

Translation: you're not going to be able to apply your theories/realize which of your theories don't work for you if you never pressure test them. So put your ego away for a minute and start sparring with full resistance, you f'ing pansies.

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