Dec 24, 2007

The Margarida Guard Pass

When you're up against a really strong guard, and if you're anything like me, you get really impatient. With that in mind, the Margarida Pass is perfect to break out of the guard of someone who is holding on to you for dear life. Now, unfortunately, I've only gotten this to work with a gi, but I'm working on a no-gi varient (if anyone can find one for me, that would be great).

Anyway, here it is: The Magarida Standing Guard Pass (

Some key points to remember:

While in the guard, keep a good, wide posture, with your toes on the ground (so you can hop on your feet)

When rising, RISE. Don't "get up," RISE up like you're Jesus in a gi.

This isn't a slam, but if you F-up, you can transition into one (if he doesn't sweep you first)

Make sure your swing the first passing leg over the opponent's legs, don't step over.


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BJJgrappler said...

Hey Eddie,

What up yo, it's Mallory here in Hungary!

I saw the post and one way to do the pass without a gi is to grab the back of his head for a can opener and stack him up as you go to your feet in a low horse stance.

The pressure will open his legs but instead of grabbing the collar with the right hand like in picture number 4, underhook his left arm with the right hand and get head arm control. As you do that cut your right knee across his thigh to get to side control.

Hope everything is going great at 10th Planet. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Jason Mallory
Step by Step to Success!