Dec 4, 2007

Mastering the Rubber Guard - by Eddie Bravo, 10th Planet JJ *Updated*

Mastering The Rubber Guard

Well, since I'm a no-gi training nut-hugger (I advocate spending at least 50% training without the gi), what better than to have you guys read one of Eddie Bravo's books?

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If you like the book, buy it from Amazon-
Mastering the Rubber Guard: Jiu-jitsu for Mixed Martial Arts Competition

Part 1 - Stretching
One of the most useful parts of the book, these stretches can be useful even if you are not practicing jiu jitsu- that being said, Eddie is one hell of a flexible guy. My triangles have gotten much better ever since starting to stretch as he does.

Part 2 - The Half Guard
Currently my favorite no-gi half guard game of choice, Eddie's breakdown of the Lockdown/Double Triangle Half Guard game is absolutely amazing. I still use the Old School and Half and Half all the time.

Part 3 - Butterfly Guard
Not the strongest section of the book, the Butterfly Guard is pretty much skimmed over in this book, but still very useful.

Part 4 - Rubber Guard
The Meat and Bones of the book- this is what you're reading this book for-
Everything is well described, and the book is really designed to allow you to flow from one move to another, and this section really just glows.
Note: Eddie does not use the "London" position anymore. I believe Submissions101 has a video about why not.

Part 5 - Troubleshooting the Rubber Guard
This part really proves the Eddie is a technical badass- he knows his system to a tee, and understands all the things that can go wrong. He shows counters to common things people try to do against all the moves, and this section really cements the book as a worthwhile read.

Part 6- Spider Web
One of the few parts of the book that have something to do with the top game in the 10th planet system- all the submissions, transitions and tricks from the stalled armbar position from top.

Part 7 - Escapes to Guard
Did you read the stretching section? Good, because here’s where you need it. This part goes over how to get back to guard from bad positions - side control, mount, etc. Another one of the strong sections of the book.

Download it!


DansMuayThaiMMA said...

Dude, thanks a lot for this link to the book. I have just recently gotten onto Eddie Bravo, and I am sure I will love this book.


DansMuayThaiMMA said...

By the way, did your hear 10th planet is going to have a distance learning program?

Punch Kick Choke said...

Yes- up to purple, right?

I don't agree with it, but it's at least a notch better than the Gracie's program, which goes up to brown now.

BJJ is going to be very severely hurt, more so than it currently is, by this whole thing within the next 5 years or so.