Dec 20, 2007

What is my training philosophy?

This is a post mainly for those who don't formally train, or are beginners:

I'm sure everyone who comes across the blog must have, at least at one point (hopefully more), asked themselves: "Am I training right? Is my head in the right place?"

Today, in this post, I will basically be repeating what I've always been saying in one, clean, simple post... So here goes:

The Punch Kick Choke Guide to the Foundations of a Proper Training Philsophy

1) You're not Bruce Lee/Rickson Gracie/Chuck Liddell/Muhammed Ali/(generic movie ninja)/Randy Couture/Jet Li/Chuck-F'ing-Norris. Get over it.

Continuing Rule #1, strive to be better.

2) Train with Aliveness.

An overused term, but probably the most important thing here. Search for "Matt Thorton" on my blog if you have any questions.

3) Pay attention to the details.

Sloppy technique limits your growth as a fighter. You can only go so far on beating beginners with brute strength.

4) Spar. A lot.

Yes, full contact, you wuss.

5) Watching action movies and playing fighting does not equal fighting/training.

God, I wish I didn't have to put this one in the list. This is for all the Youtube armchair warriors out there.

6) Don't let ego get in the way.

This is probably the biggest thing that stifles growth. This goes double for high-ranked belts, and triple for instructors.

7) Simplicity and Repetition wins fights.

As in, the guy to trains the basics regularly will probably have the advantage over the guy who spends most of his time practicing flying submissions. Don't focus on the fancy low percentage stuff any more than you have to, and spend as much time as you can getting the fundamentals down right.

8) Take any and all martial arts advice with a grain of salt.

Even mine.

That's all I can think of for now.

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