Jan 15, 2008

2 Things + a surprise video!:

1) I will be posting sporadically from Jan 17th (this thursday) to Jan 29th - I will be in St. Louis to visit friends and my girlfriend. So don't unsubscribe during that time period- I'll be back, I promise!

2) To any of my Los Angeles readers, quick question:
Do any of you know the going rate monthly for instruction at Hollywood BJJ? I believe the instructor is Shawn Williams, and they have no info on rates anywhere-

I'm sure they work things out differently per students, but knowing an average would be nice, because that's one of the schools I'm looking to join after my schedule frees up again. It's either that, 10th planet, or a Judo school I've heard good things about. speaking of the judo school, where the hell is Sawtelle Judo located (as in, what the building looks like, cross streets)?

Since there was really no point in terms of MMA in this post, here's a nice video to pay you back for having read this:

UFC 79 George St. Pierre vs. Matt Hughes (Yeah, I JUST found this one, I know, I'm sorry.)

GSP is a freaking monster.

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