Jan 12, 2008

Kneebar From Guard (Hyperextending Leg Lock)

Something I've been experimenting with- the Kneebar from Guard.

It's one of those make or break moves that probably won't work all that often as you spar against higher and higher ranked opponents, but it doesn't take away from the move at all- It's perfect to go for one as soon as your opponent's guard becomes open, and you have a little space between you. In that instant, you grab the leg you're attacking, then you slide your own opposite knee over the hip of your opponent, lock your legs, squeeze them together, fall back, and go for the Kneebar.

Here's what I would add to the original technique I just described: If your opponent doesn't tap, circle your arm around to get an overhook on the ankle of the leg you're attacking. That'll get even the most flexible of people.

Just remember, be REALLY careful when practicing Kneebars (And any type of joint lock, really) because it's really hard when you're caught in the moment, to tell if a knee is about to go pop. Tap early when practicing this move in sparring. Please.


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