Jan 14, 2008

Review: Toribash - Ragdoll Fighting Game

Grasshopper, is your wire-fu t3h major weaksauce?
Do what gamers do and use the computer to allow you to do things that you can't do in real life (In this case, in terms of martial arts):


I stumbled upon the site, and with some good reviews, I decided to download it.
It has a very basic premise: Do as much damage as you can to the other guy.
This is where a very basic understanding of ragdoll physics and physiology come into play- What do you (Hold/Relax/Contract/Extend) to get a certain movement going?

It's kind of frustrating the first couple of times, but after going online and finding some tutorials, the very first time you grab the other ragdoll and rip it apart with your cold, square, and digital hands is very satisfying.

I have yet to try the multiplayer version, but I hear that fun... as long as your not a complete noobie.


So, go on- download it, have some fun. I just managed to combine a double-leg takedown with a capoeria kick.

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