Jan 16, 2008

Tony Blauer (S.P.E.A.R) on Hicks' Law

As it turns out, the there's actually a law that describes for why most traditional martial art practitioners fight like shit:

Tony Blauer, the creator of the SPEAR fighting system explains Hick's Law

Hick's law, or the Hick-Hyman law, is a human-computer interaction model that describes the time it takes for a user to make a decision as a function of the possible choices he or she has. Given n equally probable choices, the average reaction time T required to choose among them is approximately

T = blog2(n + 1)
where b is a constant that can be determined empirically by fitting a line to measured data. According to Card, Moran, and Newell (1983), the +1 is "because there is uncertainty about whether to respond or not, as well as about which response to make."

here's the video:

So, despite the fact that I still think Blauer is a bag of douche, he eloquently explains everything I've been trying to say about why it's so hard for martial artists to actually apply what they learn, and also reinforces my opinion that hard sparring is the cure for any martial art, because with real-time practice, easy moves become easier, and hard moves become slightly less hard.



Self Defense Techniques said...

Great video. I've been scouring youtube for self defense videos and haven't come across this one.

I think this is a great fundamental technique but omits the next step. What if they through a one two or a low kick punch combo.

Also he didn't point out how important it was to drop his hips when he blocked the tackle.

Overall a good concept but could go further.

Punch Kick Choke said...

Of course, I agree with you-
however, the point of the video was not to show the SPEAR system in its entirity, but to show that a simplified blocking/counter system is best, as it reduces the amount of time required to react, hence, Hick's Law.

Thanks for commenting

AMMO said...

He is correct on hick's law but who cares the point is that more refind the skill the less chance of you useing that skill on the street and surviving.

I really could careless, who or what the scientific side of it is.

I just want to send the guy to the hosiptal so I can go home.

There are so many things wrong with the system we have now as police officers it will take along time for us to get back on track for instance the statement of self defense as used for Law enforcement. This should never have been put into print, there should never be a time when an officer is defending him or her self we are always on the offensive either in numbers, technology, or are use of force. We must call it what it is, the techniques we use are aggresive in nature and are used to invade, control and subdue the bad guys. We should always have at the fore front of every encounter the thought "this guy is going to hurt me" and we should always be ready to attack first, hardest and continuously and until the suspect is hand cuffed.

Oooh I could go on but that will be another time and place.

Great site keep up the great work.

Gary said...

Many different opinions. SPEAR is a tool in the tool box. There is no one correct answer. One must use what works for them for each incident.

Gary Roy