Jan 9, 2008

The Twister, aka, the Wrestler's Guillotine - Eddie Bravo's Signature Offensive Move * Videos Fixed (3/30/11) *

So, another post dealing with Eddie Bravo. The Twister- If you don't know what it is, and you've managed to stumble on this site looking for "Human Weapon" stuff, I refer you to the end of Jason Chamber's fight on the MMA episode. I find it kind of hard to believe that I didn't put this post up earlier. Now, before you continue on, I put up Eddie's book for download not too long ago: Download link for "Mastering the rubber Guard" here

Here, Submissions101 shows you the basic Twister from Side Control

In this video, the creator of the move, Eddie "The Twister/Buttscoot/Rubber Guard" Bravo shows you a basic variation of the Twister, called the Hogtie.

Key points of the Twister in picture form: http://www.bjj.com.au/eddie_bravo_twister.html

Getting that Lockdown in and keeping it is probably the hardest part of the whole move, hence the two videos- first one is when the opponent makes a mistake and leans into you to get better position when under your side control, and the second one is for being on the complete offensive, with the person on bottom doing the smart thing and not budging.

So, no matter what you think of Bravo and his views, there's no denying that both the Twister and the Rubber Guard are among the most innovative things to hit submission grappling ever.


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Anonymous said...

This is a horrible technique to be caught in. I always like using it from back mount rather than any other position.