Feb 20, 2008

Download "MMA: The Book of Knowledge" by BJ Penn (updated 1/29/11)

I finally found a PDF version of my favorite Martial Arts book ever: Mixed Martial Arts: The Book of Knowledge- written by the one and only, BJ Penn.

Download Mixed Martial Arts- The Book of Knowledge (Click Here)

If you like it, buy it from Amazon-
Mixed Martial Arts: The Book of Knowledge

Short Review:
This is one of the best MMA books out there. It really does go with Penn's self-titled arsenal of "Advanced Basics." I personally like this book because it tries its best to include ways to distract the opponent to get the move to work, which is severely lacking in most martial arts books, and how to use strikes to set up passes and submissions, and vice versa. I'm personally a huge fan of Penn's groundwork (note: DUH.), especially the series of moves that stem from his "Damn Good Guard." The basic no-gi sweeps are covered, as well as attacks and defenses from every position, even against the cage.
The only thing this book is lacking is a solid striking section. I know that crisp, clean striking isn't Penn's strong point (although I hear he has ridiculously heavy hands for his size), but I would have like to see more strikes and kicks covered, as well as a more in-depth set-up section for them like he has in the groundwork sections of the book.
But overall, it does bring a solid and innovative foundation to Mixed Martial Arts... Download it!

Striking: 6/10
Groundwork: 9/10
Scope: 9/10
Details: 9/10 (Multiple angles are shown)
Overall: 8.5/10

I'd have a huge list of these, but just for fun: (Among the books that I've read)
Favorite MA Book: MMA: The Book of Knowledge (BJ Penn)
Most Interesting MA Book: Mastering the Rubber Guard (Eddie Bravo)
Best Gi Grappling Book: BJJ: Theory and Technique (Renzo and Royler Gracie)
Best No-Gi Grappling Book: BJJ Submission Grappling Techniques (Royler Gracie)
Best Overall Grappling Book: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: the Master Text (Gene Simico)
Worst MA Book: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Self Defense (Royce and Charles Gracie)

Extra Notes:
If you like it, Buy it! (Preferably off of my Amazon widgets bar)

I have download links to: Mastering the Rubber Guard, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: The Master Text, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Submission Essentials elsewhere on the blog- search for it at the bottom of the page.



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hey.... watching this summer's summer olympics got me thinking.. do you think that there will ever be Mixed Martial Arts in the olympics??? wouldnt that be cool?? please reply back and lets have some discussion on what would really make MMA accepted worldwide as a legitimate sport for all..

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Thanks for this link! Your site is very helpful.

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Its a nice source for downloading the book of MMA.

I wonder, are the rules for punch kick choke and mixed martial arts, a bit more flexible in olympics?