Feb 18, 2008

Fight Quest S01E08: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu episode

Fight Quest S01E08 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Watch/Download Episode Here (Stage 6)

EDIT(2/25): The Stage6 Link is broken, so here is a Direct Download:

I can't really give my take on this episode just yet, as I am downloading it myself right now.
Also, I would like to officially retract my earlier statement about Fight Quest... before it started, I called it "a Human Weapon knockoff," when in fact, Fight Quest is essentially what Human Weapon SHOULD have been.

Anyway, watch the episode- I heard it was excellent, and that one of the hosts gets his elbow way hyperextended. Worth watching just for that.

Ps- I have the Jason Chambers (HW) vs Jimmy Smith (FQ) MMA fight somewhere in this blog- search for it.


Anonymous said...

There is no link on that page to the BJJ episode. Can you repost it

Anonymous said...

It seems the guy that uploaded the episode took it off:

Here is a direct download:

*edit* i'll update the post itself with this URL by tonight.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the Muay Thai episode?

MMA said...

Does anyone know where I can find the new Fight Quest Episodes ?

I believe the series started again in September....